Classic Stuffed French Turkey by Chef Olivier Elzer

Classic Stuffed French Turkey by Chef Olivier Elzer

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Christmas Stuffed Turkey by Michelin starred chef Olivier Elzer
Made by 5.5lb French turkey, for 4 to 8 pax, Chef Olivier does it the classic way
The stuffings: black truffle, cepes porcina, minced beef, bacon, parsnip, garlic..

One of the Chef Olivier's signature dishes is roast chicken,
and he is also famous for his extraordinary turkey,
for which many fans follow every year for his famous stuffed turkey.

Chef Olivier prepares limited offer of classic French turkeys,
stuffed to 6-7lbs, with novelty stuffing include truffle, porcini, pork and beef, good for 4 to 6 persons.

2 Options of stuffed classic French Turkey at your choice:

1) Pouched turkey
The stuffed turkey is thoroughly pouched cooked, vacuum in retort pouch bag (高溫蒸煮袋), and kept chilled to deliver.
You can keep it in refrigerator for up to 7 days, reheat and roast before eating.  

2) Roasted turkey
The stuffed turkey (chicken) is thoroughly cooked and skin roasted to crispy.
It is ready to eat without reheating, or,  you can roast it to crispy before serving.

Reheating instruction:

A) If you choose a pouch-cooked turkey:
The turkey comes vacuum in a retort pouch (高溫蒸煮袋)

1) put the the whole turkey (chicken) with retort pouch (高溫蒸煮袋) in a steam oven, steam at 68 degrees for 30 minutes to fully re-heat the turkey (chicken) and the stuffing, heat oven at 180C for 25 minutes to roast the turkey (chicken) to make skin crispy, you can choose to wrap the turkey (chicken) in foil or not


2) if you don't have a steam oven, put the turkey (chicken) in retort pouch (高溫蒸煮袋) to heat in warm water (68 degrees or medium heat) for 30 minutes, to fully reheat the turkey (chicken).  
Remove the pouch, wrap the turkey (chicken) in foil or put in a foil tray, roast it in oven at 180C for maximum 25 minutes 


3) remove the turkey (chicken) pouch bag, put the turkey (chicken) in a foil tray, heat in 180C oven for 45 minutes

Chef's advice: it makes more sense to order a pouch cooked turkey home, reheat and roast it in your home steamer / boil pan, then roast it in oven, ie no (1) or (2), 

B) If you choose a roasted turkey:

The turkey comes wrapped in foil paper placing in a foil tray, it is ready to eat even if you do not reheat it

1) if you want to reheat and make the skin crispy, put the whole foil tray with the turkey (chicken) in 180C oven, heat for maximum 10 - 15 minutes 

Gravy reheating instruction:

The gravy will come in 2 foil packs, store in 4C refrigerator before use.
Reheat by putting the whole pack of gravy and garlics with original packing to a pan with water, boil in medium heat for 10 minutes,
open pack and pour out the gravy and garlics in a bowl for dipping

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