Classic Stuffed French Yellow Chicken (Whole) 4lbs

Classic Stuffed French Yellow Chicken (Whole) 4lbs

Festive Specialty by Chef Olivier Elzer.
French Yellow Chicken - stuffed double-layer the classical way.
(Product picture is for reference only, product is delivered in pouched bag, chilled)

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    Classic Stuffed French Yellow Chicken by Chef OE

    Made by 1.5kg French yellow chicken, Chef Olivier does it the classic way.
    The stuffings: black truffle, cepes, chestnuts, minced beef, garlic and onion.

    One of the Chef Olivier's signature dishes is french chicken - 
    extra thin and lean chicken skin, less fats, more textured and pink meat,
    the free range organic chicken from France is Chef Olivier's all-time favourite choice.

    French yellow chicken, stuffed in the classic way - double layer stuffings:
    one portion of stuffing inside the chicken, and the other portion is stuffed between the chicken skin and meat.
    With novelty stuffings include truffle, porcini, chestnut, pork, and beef, the 1.8kg stuffed yellow chicken is good for 2 to 4 persons.

    Sous-vide, cooked, pouched, and chilled. 
    The stuffed yellow chicken is sous vided, cooked and is easy to reheat and prepare -
    it comes in a vacuum retort pouch bag (高溫蒸煮袋), kept chilled to deliver. 

    Storage instruction:
    Store in refrigerator (0-4 degrees) for up to 2 weeks.  Keep in original transparent retort bag, just reheat and bake brown before eating.

    Reheating instruction:
    The chicken comes vacuum in a retort pouch (高溫蒸煮袋), it should be kept in refrigerator 0-4 degrees. 

    1) keep the whole chicken in original retort pouch bag (高溫蒸煮袋) , water bath (soak) the chicken in 50 degree hot water for 40 minutes;
    or / 
    keep the whole chicken in original retort pouch bag (高溫蒸煮袋), steam at 68 degrees for 30 minutes; 

    2) pre-heat oven at 200C; or air-fryer at 180C

    3) prepare a foil tray, put the chicken in a tray and bake in oven for 15 minutes until brown.  Pour the chicken meat sauce (in original bag) on the chicken, cut and serve, (you can choose to wrap the chicken or not) .  Or, heat in air-fryer approximately 15 minutes or until brown.
    Cut, plate and serve. 

    Gravy reheating instruction:

    The gravy will come in 2 aluminium packs - chicken gravy, and garlic in butter.   Store in refrigerator (0-4 degrees) before use. 
    Reheat by putting the gravy and garlics with original packs in a pan with hot water, soak in medium heat (60 degree) for 15 minutes. 
    shake before opening the pack, serve as a dipping sauce.

    Chef reminds:
    //Enjoy the chicken skin, skin is thinner and fat-less from an organic french chicken.  It is the best chicken nutritious chicken skin you can have ever. // 

    please whatsapp +852 90111331 (revert in office hours, Monday to Friday, except Public Holiday) 


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