Sous Vide Duck Fillets de Canards Challandais

Sous Vide Duck Fillets de Canards Challandais

Imported from France, Weight: 200+g

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    O’Chef Lab Sous Vide Duck Fillets are selected from the Canards Challandais, which is thought of as the star of its breed, leader of its domain.
    This duck benefits from acidic earth and is reared in fields with a taste of seaside winds. Most beneficial is the mild climate, which allows the duck to roam free outside all year round, in total liberty. It is fed mainly a cereal-based diet. The Challandais duck is reared with lots of care.

    This “Canard Challandais” is a unique duck, with an incomparable taste and moisture.

    Once stewed, this duck distinguishes itself by its unique red meat which gives it its individual taste. A flagship of French gastronomy, the Challandais duck has built its reputation within the most prestigious restaurants in France!

    Chef Olivier Olivier has already prepared the Sous Vide Duck Fillets with his traditional recipes, you just have to follow the below instruction to reheat the duck fillets.

    Reheat instruction:
    1.Place the Sous Vide Duck Fillets into the fridge(0-4°C) overnight before proceeding.

    2.Insert the Sous Vide cooker into the water container with 50 degree temperature .

    3. When the water reaches the desired temperature, place the vacuum bag into the water bath and set the time for 20 minutes.
        If you don't have the Sous Vide cooker, boil the water and turn to mid low heat, put the duck fillets with the bag inside and boil for 20 minutes.

    4. Turn on the pan with mid low temperature until sizzling, remove the duck fillets from the bag, lay the skin side on the pan with the sauce together. 

    5.Pressing the duck fillets to ensure good contact between skin and pan until golden brown and crisp, about 3 minutes.

    6. Turn over the duck fillets and flip for one second only.

    7. Transfer the duck fillets to a cutting board and add a little salts on it.

    8.Slice the duck fillets crosswise or lengthwise upon your favour and serve. 

    9.Chef Olivier Elzer recommends to taste with the O’Chef Lab green apple jam together. 

    *Store in freezer (-16°C)
    could be kept for six months 

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