V Scones - Egg & Butter Free Recipe

V Scones - Egg & Butter Free Recipe

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    V Scones (Egg & Butter Free)

    Scones are widely loved because of its unique scent and texture. However, the high calories hidden scared many people. Taken this into account, Chef Venus has adapted a healthier way of producing scones—using French whipping cream and Japanese milk to replace butter and eggs. With numerous trials , Venus succeeded in producing V-scones which even Lacto-vegetarian can taste, while scent and texture are preserved. 

    There are 5 flavours available in O Chef Lab Christmas series, which include:
                                      1) Signature Earl Grey x 4 in a box
                                      2) Uji Matcha Red Bean (Using Matcha Powder from Kyoto & Red Bean from Hokkaido) x 4 in a box 
                                      3) Christmassy Triple Chocolate Hazelnut (Using Valrhona chocolate from France) x 4 in a box
                                      4) Refreshing Lemon Sour Cream & our recommendation x 4 in a box
                                      5) Savory Crispy Onion & Cheese x 4 in a box 

                                      & our recommendation x 4 in a box:

                                      Combination of Savory Crispy Onion & Cheese x 2 + Refreshing Lemon Sour Cream x 1 + Christmassy Triple Chocolate Hazelnut x 1 / 4 in a box

                                      Pairing with well-known Rodda’s Classic Cornish Clotted Cream,  
                                      which has a 120-year history using fresh milk from the Cornwell region in the production process and which is Keto,  
                                      V Scone set will definitely surprise you!  

                                      HKD$138-$148 / 4 in a box 
                                      including Rodda's Classic Cornish Clotted Cream 40g x 1 

                                      Product Temperature:
                                      The scones will be delivered in room temperature.
                                      Room Temperature storage: use by the same day
                                      4C refrigerator storage: can be kept for 3 days
                                      Frozen: can be kept for 7 days


                                      Put in preheated oven 180C for 6-8 minutes
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